I am a Web Developer based in Berkshire, UK

I am a front-end developer who for the last 4 years has worked for Pixelnebula. Once my kids go to bed at night I like to do even more coding, maybe my next project could be your new website?

I've been passionate about computers since I was 3 for the last 16 years, I've been teaching myself all I can about the web. From a simple one page website (not unlike this one) to something more advanced, like an ecommerce site or custom PWA (progressive web app) for your brand, I've got years of experience working within brand guidelines and if you don't have any I'll work with you every step of the way to ensure we create something we can both be proud of.

I really enjoy making things

If I'm not working on a project for a client I will be working on one of my own projects, recently I have been improving my shopping list app which was designed to be a simple real time shopping list that my parter and I could use. A selection of friends have requested access to the app so I decided to update it a little and make it publicly available, users can register with a Google account and invite other registered users to join their list.

Up next I plan to add support for "OK Google", allowing users to add items to their list via voice command. If you don't currently use a shopping list app, why not check it out and follow the projects development, if you have any ideas for improvement I'd love to hear them.